Renters Insurance

At Enterprise Insurance Advisors, LLC located in Lake Mary, FL, we provide many insurance coverage options, including renters insurance. Renters insurance is used to protect your personal items from theft and vandalism. Renters insurance will also cover you if a visitor were to get injured on your premises. Liability coverage is good to have to cover damages. Choose wisely when selecting the right renter's insurance policy.

Is Renters Insurance Required in Florida?

No, renters' insurance is not a legal requirement in the state of Florida. However, it may be a provision in your lease, and your landlord may make it mandatory for you to get it. Some landlords will require it, and others will not. Regardless, it is vital to have, so you stay protected.

What Coverage Options Can I Choose From?

There are a few different coverage options that you can choose from when it comes to renter's insurance. These include:

  • Personal property coverage, which can protect your belongings that are located on or off of the property
  • Coverage if your unit becomes uninhabitable
  • Personal liability coverage
  • Medical payments coverage

You can also choose from any of the following additional coverage options in Florida:

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Personal injury
  • Identity theft protection
  • Water backup and sump overflow
  • Dog liability
  • Additional insured for roommates
  • Scheduled personal property

These can be added on top of your primary renter's insurance policy. Always remember you are susceptible to mishaps of other renters in the same building.

How Can I Obtain a Quote?

If you are looking for a quote, contact our Enterprise Insurance Advisors, LLC office in Lake Mary, FL. You can give us a call or shoot us an email. If you are renting an apartment or a house, we can assist you in using our expert skills and knowledge to direct you to the best policy that fits your needs. Reach out to us for more information.