Classic Car Insurance

Enterprise Insurance Advisors, LLC offers classic car insurance in Florida. When you visit us at our Lake Mary, FL location, we’ll walk you through the details of the differences between car insurance, antique cars, and a vehicle that needs classic car insurance. An antique car that is older than 25 years is not necessarily a classic car. A classic car is more than its age. A collector’s car is an appreciating investment and vehicle to be driven on a special occasion.

What to Look for in Florida Classic Car Insurance

Not all classic cars are used for the same things, so your coverage needs are going to vary. The policy that you purchase will depend on things such as mileage, age, and modifications made to the vehicle. When you start looking for classic car insurance, there are a few things to think about:

  • Value of the Classic Vehicle - If your car suffers a total loss, is the actual cash value agreed upon going to reflect your investment?
  • Part-time Driver - If you drive your car part-time, you may not need full-time insurance. Some of these agreements may mean that you are allowed a certain amount of mileage for the coverage and appreciation of the car.
  • Extra Mileage - If you have ever driven your classic car around Florida, you know how much fun it is to drive down an ocean highway in something special. Do you think that you might be driving your car more than usual? Make sure that your mileage agreement reflects how much you’ll drive it.
  • Roadside Assistance - Many times, a classic car will require more than a simple tow. Make sure your roadside assistance will cover a flatbed to cover potential damage to a collector car.

Classic Car Insurance: When Your Car’s Value Exceeds the Original Purchase Price

An antique car doesn’t mean that you need classic car insurance. Your car’s value must exceed its purchase price. Then there are levels of condition that your car may be valued at:

  • Condition #1 = vehicle in perfectly preserved condition
  • Condition #2 = cars that are driven but still have like-new interior and exterior
  • Condition #3 = the car looks great but doesn’t have all the factory parts with it, some modifications
  • Condition #4 = car has apparent chips, dents, and imperfections

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As you can see, many factors play into what is the perfect type of classic car insurance for you. Visit Enterprise Insurance Advisors in Lake Mary, FL to make sure that your investment has adequate protection.